Check the troubleshooting steps below if you are experiencing problems installing or using either of the clients.

Both Clients

  • Restart your PC and try again.
  • Some antivirus software (such as AVG) may show warnings when you open and/or close either client. This can often happen the first time the client tries to save macros/key bindings. Simply allow the antivirus software to do it’s check and then continue on.
  • Ensure the client isn’t being blocked by a Firewall.
  • Move the game folder to a different location on your hard disk. Sometimes Windows can block access to parts of the drive which can prevent the game from working properly.
  • The version of Razor that is included with ClassicUO ( is different to the version available for use with the OSI Classic Client (
  • Run everything to do with UO as an Administrator.

ClassicUO Client

  • In some cases after running the All-In-One Installer, Windows might suggest that “this program might not have installed correctly”. Ignore this message and click “this program installed correctly”. Only reinstall using the settings that Windows recommends if you are experiencing problems. 
  • ClassicUO requires a 64bit CPU to run. If you have a 32bit processor in your computer download the OSI Classic Client instead.
  • We recommend installing in the default path (C:\Oceania Classic) when using the All-In-One Installer.
  • The All-In-One Installer will setup the Razor Assistant with the client and will automatically open it when you launch the client via the shortcuts the installer creates.
  • Do not use UOSteam to play with the ClassicUO client as it is already configured with it’s own version of Razor.

OSI Classic Client

  • If you are using UOSteam, tick the box next to “Remove Encryption”. If you are using Razor, tick the box next to “Patch Client Encryption”. Leave all other square boxes unticked in both.
  • Make sure the correct client and folder paths are selected in the settings window of either UOSteam or Razor.

The images below show the correct settings for Razor and UOSteam (UOS).

If you need any further assistance please contact us.