Publish 50: 2nd Anniversary Publish

Anniversary Gifts

Characters which login between 27/10/2022 and 30/11/2022 will receive special gifts to mark both Oceania Classic’s 2nd and Ultima Online’s 25th anniversaries! Characters and their accounts must be at least 7 days old by 27/10/22 to be eligible for the gifts. Gifts will start to be given out on new logins after 10AM Server Time on the 27th. Thanks to all of you for playing on the shard over the last two years!

Possible gifts include:

  • Either a 2nd Anniversary Apron (blessed, many colours, double click when equipped to lift/lower, goes over armour), or 2nd Anniversary Shoes (blessed, many colours, glowing/animated).
  • A 2nd Anniversary Timepiece (blessed bracelet, engraved with character’s name, many colours with rares possible, tells the time when double clicked).
  • Classic Statue or Bust of a famous Sosarian (many possible colours, featuring; Lord British, Lord Blackthorn, Lady Minax, Mondain, Mariah, Iolo, Geoffrey, Jaana, Julia, Dupre, Shamino, or Katrina).
  • Either a Large Portrait of Lord British, Lord Blackthorn, Lady Minax, or Mondain (painted in many abstract/unusual colours), or a 25th Anniversary Decorative Shield (many different types and colours).
  • Either a Snow Globe (series one), Power Scroll Book, Enchanted Wheelbarrow (grows plants by itself, double click to collect), a Snow Globe (series two), a Potted Cactus Deed, or a Potted Plant Deed.
  • Either a 2nd or 25th Anniversary Cake engraved with the character’s name (many colours, rares possible, too good to eat!).

New Rare Creatures

  • Phoenix have started appearing in many unusual shades of red, yellow, orange, and violet in addition to their normal appearance. A number of rare variations (22) have also been sighted, with some of these mythical birds appearing to have wings of fire that glow in a brilliant light as the heat radiates from them.
  • Rare Dragons have been found lurking in the depths of Destard! There are eight rare hues, with each looking a bit different on either of the two normal dragon appearances, making for a total of 16 new rare shades.
  • Extra hues have been added for Nightmares, including both lighter and darker versions. Two more common base types have also been added, leading to an even greater possible variation when a rare hue is applied to them.

Town Invasions

  • Armies of Orcs, Savages, and Evil Humans have started invading some of Britannia’s towns, seemingly whenever the opportunity arises!
  • Overwhelmed, Lord British’s town guards have had no alternative but to completely abandon Trinsic, Moonglow, Ocllo, Skara Brae, and Yew. Calling “guards” in these towns will no longer elicit a response. Any defence (or lack thereof) provided to these towns and their hapless citizens now rests entirely with the Factions.
  • Players will receive a message to both welcome and warn them when they are entering one of the five towns.
  • The invading armies have been sighted looting the towns and making off with locked strongboxes full of treasure! Kill the invaders to claim the boxes for yourself!
  • Town Strongboxes come in many different colours (including rares) and are inscribed with the name their town as well as the creature they were recovered from.
  • Faction aligned guards and even some of Lord Blackthorn’s Chaos troops have also been spotted with the strongboxes! Kill your enemies and recover them!
  • Defeat the invasion and set your own rules by capturing the town for your Faction.
  • Faction Sheriffs are responsible for the rule of law in towns under their control and can now order their garrisons to attack anyone and everyone who isn’t in their own faction, if that is their desire. They may also choose to have their guards only take action against criminals/murderers, only innocents, or only enemies (other factions). As a result, faction troops may either ignore, help, or even attack unprovoked those who enter their towns.
  • Yew is likely to be invaded much more frequently than the other four towns due to it’s remoteness and lack of fortifications around the town centre, offering both trial and opportunity to those who would take up arms to defend the north.

Honor & Valor Virtues

  • The Honor Virtue has been activated and has adopted much Valor’s former functionality relating to Factions. Meanwhile, Valor has been restored to it’s standard use relating to Champion Spawns.
  • Characters can gain Honor by stealing town sigils or by defeating opposing faction members, troops, and town invaders.
  • Valor is earned by killing the creatures in a Champion Spawn.
  • Champion Spawn kill titles are now available to those who are worthy of them (single click your character to see the toggle option in the context menu).
  • Having Honor will passively grant the character a chance to earn increased loot from creatures they deal the most damage to. The higher the Honor, the greater the chance at more loot.
  • Valor Stones have been replaced with Honor Stones, while retaining the same functionality as before.
  • Knights of Honor can use the virtue directly (via macro or the paperdoll) to spend their points anywhere rather than needing to visit an Honor Stone.

Paragon & Treasure Chests

  • Power Scrolls are now available for the Lockpicking and Remove Trap skills allowing them to be trained up to 130. Having over 100 in these skills will allow a character to open Level 6 Locked Chests.
  • All Paragons now have a chance to drop a Paragon Chest. The level of the chest is determined by the creature’s fame. Level 5 & 6 chests are now possible from those with high enough fame to drop them.
  • Paragon Chests now come in many new colours.
  • The difficulty of locks and traps has been adjusted to make them easier to unlock/defuse at higher levels of Lockpicking and Remove Trap (mainly applies to Level 5 locks).

Updates & Changes

  • A character’s Power Hour now extends to their pets.
  • The rate at which Mana passively regenerates has been adjusted slightly. Those with very high Intelligence and Meditation will regenerate a bit quicker than before, while others may be slower.
  • Balance adjustments for some creature abilities which use Mana to account for regen change above.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing pets to go without being fed at all.
  • The comma key can once again be used for Sosaria Chat. Messages sent via the comma key appear in an alternate hue to those sent with the [c command.
  • The artifacts and rares found in Wrong can now also be collected in Shame.
  • Some creatures have been boosted slightly in terms of power and loot. This mainly relates to Orcs and Savages.
  • Fletchers can now repair bows.
  • Server Restart Rares will now spawn randomly at some point during the first 24 hours after the shard’s server has restarted for updates or maintenance, rather than straight away as before.
  • Faction Sheriffs can now station guards in their strongholds by saying “i am sheriff”.
  • New 24th month Veteran Rewards added: Ethereal Hell Steed and Bloody Pentagram!
  • Many more misc. fixes and improvements.