Publish 48: Spawns and Scrolls

Publish 48 brings improvements to Champion Spawns and Power Scrolls.

  • A new Champion Spawn location has been added to the top level of Despise Dungeon.

  • The chance to receive a +25 or +30 skill Power Scroll from defeating a Spawn Champion has been more than doubled.

  • One of the three Spawns in Rondorin has been removed.

  • The new Spawn in Despise requires less kills for it to be completed than the two in Rondorin.

  • All three Spawns will now automatically restart after 90 minutes instead of 6 hours.

  • +25 skill Power Scrolls can now be added to Scroll Binders to create +30 scrolls.

  • The Despise Deco Artifact reward system has been relocated to Wrong.