Publish 51: The Battlegrounds of Britannia

Skill & Stat Vet Rewards

  • Characters on veteran accounts will have their overall skill cap raised by 5 whole points every month until they reach the new max cap of 730 at six months.
  • Characters will also have their stat cap raised by 5 after their account reaches half a month in age. This will make their new stat cap 230 (or up to 255 after using a +25 stat scroll).

Battlegrounds: Season II

  • The Battleground combat system has been reactivated for a new season! A small gump will appear on screen when a new battle can be entered.
  • Players can now earn skill Power Scrolls up to level 125 by battling against other players and advanced AI.
  • Scrolls are awarded based on performance, both in individual battles and overall. The higher your score and ranking is the better chance you will have of getting higher level scrolls.
  • A score of greater than 0 is required to receive one scroll, while scores of over 100 have a chance of getting a bonus scroll!
  • Increase your score by engaging in combat with the enemy team. A character’s score will gradually increase while they are fighting. Killing an enemy will earn 200 points, while being killed will subtract 50 from the victim’s score. Characters will also gradually lose points if they are hidden/invisible.
  • Battles may be either PvP, PvAI, or a combination of both, depending on how many players join the battle. The difficulty of AI combatants will scale based on the overall scores of the player(s) involved in the battle with them. A player’s ranking determines the skill levels, stat levels, movement and casting speed of the AI they will face. The exception is the player’s first battle where they have no prior ranking, where they will face lowish level AI to start with. Many will probably find their first battle quite easy, while the second will give them a challenge based on their score in the first.
  • Friendly AI teammates will work with players against other players and AI. If you have an AI on your team they will follow you and attempt to heal you if they can.

Updates & Changes

  • All Tiger versions now have the ability to heal themselves and their owners, even those which previously couldn’t. Those which didn’t have any Healing skill before will now have 80. This includes the older pre-publish 49 Tigers too.
  • A range of improvements and fixes to the Factions systems already in place, with more detailed info to come soon.
  • Revamp of Town Crier and Discord announcements.
  • More stats have been added to the Shard Status page along with new Battleground rankings for Season II.
  • Bonded Faction War Mounts which have switched to the wrong faction (a bug) can now be reset to the owner’s faction by simply double clicking on them.
  • Regular War Horses can now be ridden by any member of a Faction, regardless of Honor level. Other War Mounts require the owner to be a Seeker of Honor to ride.
  • Stealing town sigils now rewards far more Honor than before.
  • Revamp of the food/hunger system. Both characters and pets will now take much longer to get hungry, especially when they are full.