Terms and Conditions of Use

Oceania Classic Terms and Conditions of Use

No Abuse

Abusive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated either in-game or in the Discord chat.

If another player is abusing you please use the help menu found on the paperdoll to contact staff.

Macros & Scripts

Harmless item organisation scripts, such as vendor stocking helpers and things of that nature, are allowed. Scripts to help with character training are also allowed, within reason.

However, use of scripts to farm gold, loot, or resources is not allowed.

The general rule is that if your script has or can have a negative impact on other players, it is not allowed.


“Multi-boxing” with automatic scripts is forbidden. Using scripts to control multiple characters at once is forbidden. This applies to both PvP and PvM situations.

“Multi-boxing” is using multiple characters logged in on the same computer to do the same thing at the same time. An example would be using scripts to have multiple characters automatically follow and heal the character you are playing as you run around a dungeon as a group. This is not allowed.

You can use a character to help train another as a sparring/training partner. You can also train while doing something else unrelated on other characters. You may also tab/switch between multiple characters at once so long as they aren’t on “autopilot” being controlled by scripts. A character training using scripts while you’re playing other characters elsewhere is not considered multi-boxing.

Do not use impassable items to completely block or otherwise trap players, ghosts, or NPCs. This includes “boxing in”. Mobs must have a clear path out by some means. However, you may block that one open path with your character, spells, or pets. You may not use multiple characters at once to trap something.


Less severe offenses will often be dealt with via a friendly chat.

However, serious breaches of the rules above may result in some form of punishment, particularly if the transgression involves other players. This is especially true in cases of abuse and harassment, which will be dealt with harshly. The most severe breaches may incur a suspension or even a ban, but this is a last resort that we would rather not have to take.

Punishments for less severe breaches of the rules, such as those relating to scripting etc…, may be dealt with by the responding Game Master on a case-by-case basis. This may include spawning multiple hostiles to overpower the script and send a relaxed and subtle message to the player without further action, unless it’s necessary.