Publish 47: Lions and Tigers

Publish 47 introduces rare creatures, new high-end tamable mounts, a revamped boss encounter with new artifacts and valuables, plus a slew of other changes and fixes.

Rare Creatures

  • Many new uncommon and rare hues for popular tamables have been added.

  • When a creature spawns in a rare hue it will now have the word “rare” in it’s name.

  • Lions: 32 new uncommon hues, 9 new rare hues.

  • Tigers: 44 new uncommon hues, 28 new rare hues.

  • Unicorns: 8 new rare shades of white added to existing hues.

  • Ki-Rins: 16 new common shades, 40 new uncommon shades, 4 new rare shades.

  • Nightmares: 5 new rare shades of black added to existing hues.

  • White Wyrms: 6 new common shades, 10 new rare shades of white

New Tamable Mount: Ancient Unicorn

  • 456-625 Str / 76-110 Dex / 286-445 Int

  • Can have up to 120 in Magery and Evaluate Intelligence skills.

  • Immune to all poison. Can cure it’s rider once every 30 minutes.

  • Hues: 3 common, 2 uncommon, 4 rare

  • Control Slots: 3

  • Taming Required: 122.1

  • Can be ridden and tamed by both male and female characters, unlike regular Unicorns which are restricted to females.

  • Location: Ki-Rin Passages

New Tamable Mount: Dread Nightmare

  • 625-750 Str / 89-125 Dex / 95-150 Int

  • Can have up to 110 in Wrestling and Tactics skills.

  • Fireball Breath ability.

  • Hues: 3 normal shades, 10 rare shades of black and dark red.

  • Control Slots: 3

  • Taming Required: 122.1

  • Location: Shadowguard…

Lady Minax

  • The dreaded Lady Minax herself has been revamped to create a new boss encounter.

  • Minax now has far fewer hit points than previously. Her health is now comparable to that of a spawn champion’s. Her melee damage from Wrestling has also been greatly reduced.

  • However, Lady Minax should never be underestimated, as her skills as a pure mage remain without peer. Not only is her mastery of Magery unrivalled, she is also proficient in Poisoning, making her the most deadly Nox Mage in all of Sosaria.

  • Feeling a bit vulnerable on foot as she was before, Lady Minax sent her best tamers to the depths of Dungeon Deceit with orders not to return until they had captured the most terrible Nightmares they could find. They did not disappoint their mistress, bringing her back what would become known as the Dread Nightmares, which she now rides into battle.

  • Always wanting to look her best while trying to take over the world, Lady Minax has taken to dying her hair and experimenting with different shades of red and pink. Occasionally she has even been seen sporting special multicoloured highlights! It is said that she keeps a keeps a bottle of dye containing her current colour on her person.

  • Lady Minax has a small chance to drop new artifact versions of either her hat (Lady Minax’s Hat) or cloak (Lady Minax’s Cloak) as loot. She will always be wearing these items but only rarely will they drop as artifacts. The new artifact versions are blessed and have 4AR. These artifacts will be found on Minax’s corpse if they drop and will only become blessed after they have been equipped by a player for the first time.

  • Defeat Lady Minax to have a chance at taming the Dread Nightmare she is riding. Be ready when Minax dies, as her mount will try to avenge her soon after she falls from it.

  • The moongate to Shadowguard can now be found on the third level of Destard instead of the fourth.

Changes & Fixes

  • As +5 skill Power Scrolls do not exist on the shard, +25 skill scrolls have been given the description of “wonderous” instead.

  • +25 skill Power Scrolls can now be added to Power Scroll Books. Note they will appear as 105s while in the books as they are using their cliloc as mentioned above.

  • +20 skill Power Scrolls can now be added to Power Scroll Binders to create +25 skill scrolls.

  • Healing will now be displayed in the Animal Lore gump when the skill is used on Tigers.

  • Phoenix have been changed from 4 to 3 control slots and have had their skills and stats adjusted accordingly.

  • Bugs with Paragon/Elite Chests have been fixed. They will now also have more gold and loot in them than before.

  • Fixed a few bugs with the Treasure Map system.

  • The Harrower now has less health than before and it’s casting damage has been reduced. The number of Tentacles that spawn with The True Harrower has also been reduced from 9 to 5. However, it now has Anatomy skill, increasing it’s melee damage.

  • Daemons now have a small chance to drop Powder of Translocation as loot.

  • A bug relating to lockable chests and the Remove Trap skill has been fixed.

  • Savage Riders have started riding Wild Tigers instead of Ridgebacks.

  • Fixed a bug with follower slots being miscounted on login.

  • Instant Pet Bonding Potions and Pet Summoning Balls have been added to the list of Donation Gift Rewards.